A chat with Bernardo Hangar.

With more than three decades of experience, Bernardo Hangar has earned a well known reputation as one of the most exciting underground Spanish artists from the first techno wave by introducing a new style of music in his hometown and all over Southern Spain.

A person who has not followed any kind of trends, Bernardo has adapted himself and evolve towards the digital era. In 2016 he ends up founding DarkForest Records with his first piece of work being “Starting point” EP.

After recording for Profound Online Radio we wanted to call him and ask him a little bit about himself and his projects.

Hello Bernardo,

It´s 17:00, let’s chat!!

First, I want to thank you for the great time I had dancing in the kitchen the other night! A brutal mix what you have recorded for us.

I’m glad you liked it. It was a set recorded from home to cheer people up and give them some good energy. Took me a while to set up everything but I really wanted something special in the atmosphere. There are tracks in there from my up and coming works, from promos that I got over the last few weeks and with works of producers such us: Resura and Fixon to name a couple.

People did enjoy it, and I’m receiving congratulations messages for making them dance in their kitchens, hehe.

Who would you like to record a set for Profound Online Radio?

The next one should be Mod3llr. The other day I saw the film premiere of his new album, it was amazing! Now we just have to listen to the set that he records and see his vision of electronic music. I also would like to see friends like A thousand Details, Resura, new generations, veterans…. all of them!

Next month you will be bringing out a new EP for your label DarkForest. Have you given it a name yet and what it is about?

“Hell is other people” – It is about the “Sartre” theory.

This Ep is focused on the philosophical analysis of Jean Paul Sartre in where he affirms that “Man makes himself”. People’s egos, jealousy and irony that humans have. It comes very useful at this present time in which we are living.

When I make music I always focus on the state of my mood, what I read, choices I make and what I´m feeling. I recommend everybody who hasn’t read it give it a good read!

Soon I’ll also be releasing on labels from Berlin, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and some remixes as well.

You know how much I admire your work, tell me a bit more regarding “DarkForest”, what repercussions is it having? And how do you feel managing your own label?

Dark Forest is my home, a label of personal expression – I love the progress it is having. Since 2016 DarkForest has built a real audience that will follow and support its music, and I would like to keep following the quality of music made for this niche.

Thanks to the feedback and to the Bandcamp statistics, I can recognize at an international level the impact that the label is having alongside my hard work, and it’s an absolute honour and pleasure that my work is being listened and enjoyed worldwide; Germany, Switzerland, Georgia, Japan, USA, Australia..etc.

What made you want to start producing?

I think It was and organic and natural move. I stuck to my old habits for many years until finally decided to switch to CDJ´S because it was the closest thing to vinyl, with some differences of course; At the same time I started to dive deeper into softwares, and once I felt comfortable with the work I was producing, was when I decided to create Bandcamp and edit the new beginning “Starting Point”.

Where is your studio?

It’s in my birthplace. Córdoba, Spain.

What do you normally use?

What, what do I use? (laughing)

Many people would be surprised with how little you need to get a massive sound with “fat” quality.

You don’t need a Ferrari! All you need is good computer and whatever software you are most comfortable with, a modular synth…. and work, work, work.

You performed a set in Madrid not long ago. How did it feel to play at one of the longest-running techno clubs in the city?

To tell the truth it was very good. It´s a club with an outstanding techno baggage that gives every Sunday an incredible atmosphere where I feel very comfortable. The sounds and visuals are excellent.

Did any artists inspire you?

One that always came to my attention was Dave Clarke. And musically Jeff Mills. I had the pleasure to shared the booth with both of them.

I did not ask you before, Can you tell us about the dates you have scheduled soon?

All the dates have been canceled so far because of this malicious virus but we already have a new date for the festival and we are looking at possibilities for the others.

What was your first piece of equipment to play / produce?

Technics 1200 and Ecler MAC-60. I quickly switched to a Vestax mixer. I still keep the 1200 and a collection of at least 2000 vinyls.

To produce I started with a computer, the Roland MC-303 and a 16 channel Mackie. I don’t use anything that I started with anymore.

Where did you used to buy your music when there wasn’t internet or many music shops?

I traveled a lot to Madrid and Barcelona. I remember a store in Asturias and I also contacted stores in Germany and the UK that distributed vinyl internationally.

How did you get into music? Tell me something that I don’t know.

I remember being involved with music from a very young age. I had an older brother working at a dance music club in my city. He used to bring music home, disco music, dance, Spanish rock, English…

While my neighborhood friends were playing on the street, what I was passionate about was listening to records that my parents and brothers had at home. We are many brothers and they instilled in me different styles, American currents, symphonic rock, Giorgio Moroder, Patrick Cowley, disco music … etc. When one of my brother´s friends gave me the opportunity to play music in his bar,it was then when I started to put everything I had at home into practice.

Through my teenage years I listened to a lot of hip hop, and like to watch hip hop dj’s, how they did tricks, scratching, but I really got into the world of classic DJ when the EBM broke out. Since then I started buying “Front 242” “Nitzer Ebb” …, and all the wave of EBM pushed me to find a pure style. Let’s say this is the beginning of Bernardo Hangar.

I quickly became a resident at various clubs and started playing in the rest of southern Spain; I was also called to play at national festivals at that time. Those were different times, in those days we were a minority, always the same flag bearers for the different areas of Spain.

I have had a fantastic time chatting to you. To finish I would like to ask you how are you? How is this break affecting you?

I am very well. It´s complicated times however personally I´m feeling very positive. I have no problem being at home, I’m investing time in lots of things, you can imagine. It seems like a joke that there are people who feel kidnapped in their own home, lol.

Hit the link to listen to the mix Bernardo recorded for us: https://soundcloud.com/profound_online_radio/bernardo-hangar-podcast-1002

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